To be a politician is to be of noble stock, to commit oneself to the betterment of mankind one drop of privileged sweat at a time. Captains of industry, from time to time, may wish to furnish you with well deserved lavish gifts and objects of a gilded nature, you will accept them into your clean open hands with a radiant smile, you deserve this.

You have great responsibility, often voting on laws of the upmost importance (so very fitting for one of your stature). You do not however let the previously mentioned gaudy tokens of appreciation cloud your judgement on matters, it's a happy coincidence that the views of the gambling lobby and your own are indistinguishable. After all you share the same friends, taste in dining establishments and one odd short leg that causes you to lean to the right.

As you lie down at night, tired, yet humbled by another days honest work, your lids drop and you are ferried into a dreamless, guilt-free sleep.

Acrylic on paper.

Painting dimensions: 21cm X 30cm

Framed dimensions: 38cm X 45cm