Several Layers of Shite

Several Layers of Shite

The bag came first. The inevitable switch back to ‘normality’ has begun and we’re being encouraged to ‘shop, shop, shop!’ Queues outside McDonalds and ikea rival that of Nemesis during summer activities week at school, this is what we’ve missed.

A springboard from greed brought me inevitably to the Devine Comedy. Not all levels of hell are present, but treachery certainly is in the form of the UK government’s monument to how truly little they care about humans without a double barrelled name. Grenfell was a disgusting betrayal, outrageously putting aesthetic above safety. Three years on seven households are still in need of permanent housing, with ten others requesting a move as they have been settled in inappropriate accommodation.

The rest is up to you, have a wander round inferno and follow the breadcrumbs.

The next time you see something shiny on amazon or you’re hungry ten minutes away from home and Ronald flashes by your window, think, ‘do I need this shite?’ They don’t need your money.

Acrylic on maple skateboard.

Dimensions: 21cm X 82cm